Susan LaDue Writes: The Kristen Maroney Mysteries

Kristen Stumbles Into All Kinds of Trouble

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Boutique owner Kristen Maroney lives the good life in the tropics. She dates a hot casino manager, buys designer beach wear from the best collections, lunches with friends, and watches TV with her Labrador retriever. But she has a bad habit: she’s too nosy for her own good.  When there’s a problem, she feels compelled to investigate and, as luck would have it, her knack for stumbling into dangerous situations regularly puts her and her loved ones at great risk.

Susan LaDue Writes is a blog about Kristen’s exploits and what it’s like to create them.


Kristen Maroney lives the good life in the small Caribbean town of Placencia, on the coast of a tiny Central American country. She has her own beach wear boutique, she dates a hot casino manager, she lunches with friends, and she watches TV with her Labrador retriever, Buster. Comfortably divorced and childless, she lives for the status quo. But things threaten to change when her friend Amelia’s husband starts acting strange. Feeling for Amelia, and sensing that something’s fishy, Kristen starts asking questions over the objections of both her boyfriend Conrad and her neighbor Liz. She can’t seem to get clear answers, but bad people do come out of the woodwork, and soon her financial and emotional well-being are under siege. In this exciting tale of trouble in paradise, Kristen must use her wits and her guts if she is to keep herself and her friends out of harm’s way.


As tourist season winds down in the Caribbean town of Placencia, boutique owner Kristen Maroney looks forward to a rest. Declaring that everyone could use a party, her friend Claire organizes a beach barbeque. Kristen accepts her invitation reluctantly, only to find out that Claire intends to use the gathering to educate her guests about the plight of sea turtles.

Kristen’s hardly an environmentalist, but Claire’s beautifully moving footage of damaged coral reefs and a greatly diminished turtle population arouses her interest. Then, when Claire takes her scuba diving, she sees first hand the turtles’ gentle grace and the mindless devastation of the reef. By nature a woman who can’t leave problems unresolved, she plunges into the cause.

She starts asking questions, and suddenly finds herself flat on her back in the hospital with multiple injuries. To make matters worse, her obstreperous grandmother has arrived from Las Vegas and is making life miserable. She thinks things can’t get any worse, but no sooner is she out of the hospital than she is attacked again and this time her life is threatened. To keep herself and her Gram safe, she must take extraordinary measures to get some very evil men before they get her.

Tropical Vice cover for SmashwordsA hot new Kristen Maroney mystery tackles one of the most despicable  forms of crime that plague Central America.  It’s high tourist season in the Caribbean, and boutique owner Kristen Maroney spends her days working, except for stolen moments with Conrad, her casino manager boyfriend. Just as the January snowbirds are descending, her assistant Belinda starts acting surly and alienates customers. A simple inquiry of “What’s wrong?” draws Kristen into the treacherous world of child sex trafficking and the fat white men who thrive on it. She and Conrad must pull out all the stops to protect themselves and the children they care about.

screen shot of Trop Scam coverIf you work in the tourist industry in the Caribbean, summer is a time of too much heat and not enough money. In the seaside town of Placencia, boutique owner Kristen Maroney struggles to sell off last season’s inventory when her friend Claire tells her that their mutual friend Flor has fallen prey to a shady real estate deal. Intending only to help Flor, Kristen uncovers an international real estate fraud ring that has bilked unsuspecting customers of millions. Before she can figure out what’s going on, events escalate, and her life quickly hangs in the balance. She and her boyfriend Conrad must muster all of their courage and imagination to corner the scam artists in order to protect their own future.

Tropical Arms Smashwords cover shot
Tropical boutique owner Kristen Maroney is lying low in an effort to recover from a broken leg that she suffered while trying to help a friend with a real estate problem.  The last thing she wants is more drama in her life.  But her faithful friend and neighbor needs her to make an inquiry and she doesn’t feel she can say no.  Little does she know that a simple computer search will lead to carrying a loaded handgun in order to protect herself from murderous traffickers who are hot on her trail.


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