Posted in February 2012

Morning Exercise

I write every morning, seven days a week.  I get up, let the dogs out, make coffee and sit down with my laptop.  It’s a routine that builds commitment as well as ones portfolio.  It’s also a luxury afforded to writers who don’t have other morning obligations, or who can pass their duties off to … Continue reading

New Employee

C’mon out, guys! Outside now, everybody! NEW DOG HELPER COMING UP! Amanda started working as a daycare attendant and cleaner today and she already has the takin’-em-out routine down pat.  She’s used to kids, dogs and horses, and The Doggie Den pups seem to know she means what she says.   There’s an art to living with … Continue reading

Why’s Everything Blurry?

I could read this if my arms were longer One of the delights of growing old is that the world loses its hard edges.  Nothing is clear.  Bargain outlets don’t have strong enough eyeglasses.  You begin to think it’s normal for text and images to turn soft around the edges. There are advantages to this turn of … Continue reading

A Tribute to Some Teenage Parents

A friend’s granddaughter is soon to deliver the family’s first great grandchild: a baby boy.  I remember when Tanya,  the soon-to-be mom, was born.  The memories drive home how old I am, while at the same time adding color and texture to life.  I remember Tanya waddling around the house chasing grandma’s cat; and exploring the delights of the family pool … Continue reading

Thinking about Zack

Zack is a 10-year old golden retriever who has frequented my doggie daycare business since he was a puppy.   Yesterday I learned that he has liver cancer and the prognosis isn’t good.  He won’t be coming to daycare any more.  As I sit down to write this morning I find he is all I can … Continue reading

Welcome to a freelance writer’s world

Cozied in for a pleasant winter’s day of research Welcome to the world of freelance writing where it’s about learning at warp speed and writing like an ancient river.  One hopes for flow, occasionally there’s a flood, and on average one makes ones way with the confidence of those who know the route. It’s a sunny Monday afternoon … Continue reading