Welcome to a freelance writer’s world

Cozied in for a pleasant winter’s day of research

Welcome to the world of freelance writing where it’s about learning at warp speed and writing like an ancient river.  One hopes for flow, occasionally there’s a flood, and on average one makes ones way with the confidence of those who know the route.

It’s a sunny Monday afternoon in February and warm air already mingles with the cold.  I sip morning coffee, excited to welcome you to my blog.  Here you’ll find on-going “days in the life,” all centered around writing jobs, clients, my grins and grumps, and article content.   I love your comments and maybe guest posts, so don’t hesitate to reach out!  You don’t have to be a writer, though I’m hoping some of the writers out there will share their blogs and websites.
So, please, read on and may your day be all that you wish.

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