Posted in March 2012

How to Chose a Doggy Daycare

You may be really busy some days.  You could be planning an event in your home that you don’t want your dog to attend. You might have to work late.  It just doesn’t seem right that your dog should suffer for your situation.  What’s the solution?  It could be a private dog walker or sitter.  … Continue reading

France, the Jews and the Arabs

  This morning when I logged on to my laptop, the first thing that appeared on my screen was an article about a shooting in a Jewish school in Toulouse.  My heart sank and I found myself awash in a familiar conflict about my “other home.”  While in college I lived in Paris for two years and traveled … Continue reading

Confusion about Flea and Tick Preventives

In the spring of 2009, the EPA announced that it would increase its scrutiny of spot-on flea and tick medications for all pets. The closer look included all of the popular brands including Advantix, Frontline Plus, and Bio-Spot. They took this step because the number of complaints about pets becoming sick from these applications had … Continue reading

Writing: From thoughts to sentences.

Let’s suppose you’re about to write a piece about dogs as family members.   You’ve figured out that your audience is singles, childless couples, and retired people, all of whom dote on their pets (in growing families, children outrank pets… well, let’s hope so, anyway.)  You want to lay out the pro’s and con’s of treating your dog like … Continue reading

Writing and Discipline: Who’s Likely to Read This?

  Discipline seems to be a key factor in successful writing.  Yet, the kind of discipline that writing requires is hard to define.  I enjoy the process immensely, at the same time that I find it hard work, and I often rant to myself about how poorly paid this exacting craft is, unless and until one produces a blockbuster.  To begin with, … Continue reading

Chosing a Breed of Dog: Do The Research

At The Doggie Den (my dog daycare business) we often talk to people with questions about their pet.  They want advice and answers, but the right solution is likely to be complex because 80% of the time it comes down to knowing their dog’s breed or mix of breeds and training the dog accordingly. For … Continue reading

Dog Ownership is a Contact Sport

It never ceases to amaze me the problems dogs can have without their owners noticing. I realize that people who aren’t doggie fanatics don’t fuss over their pups the way we do at my dog business (  But what comes into our grooming shop boggles the mind. It’s now the busy Spring season, and many people … Continue reading

Childhood Revisited

It’s a paradox of ones senior years that as short-term memory deteriorates, distant experiences come into sharp focus.  In the long span of years from my twenties to my sixties, I fled the past.  My goal was to reinvent myself, because previous decades seemed boring, confining, or downright depressing.  The past hung around in the margins like a dark shadow, but … Continue reading