Posted in April 2012

Writing Mirrors Life

Writing can be a mirror reflection of life.  You write every day, the prose is flowing nicely, when suddenly you don’t feel like writing any more.  You feel as though you’ve fallen into a pit.  Since you’re trying to earn a living with your keyboard, a buzz of anxiety adds to the problem.  No matter … Continue reading

Retiring to Someplace Warm: Go or Stay?

I love where I live.  I love my town, my street, my house, my dogs, my lawn and my gardens. Central Massachusetts is beautiful three seasons of the year, and most years the winter is tolerable.  There’s even a wonderful coziness to winter when one is an avid reader, especially when one has a woodstove and … Continue reading

Writing and Discipline: Why The Bad Days?

I recently finished an article about abusers and victims.  I’d taken it on assignment because I felt that my previous research on the subject would make it easy to write.  I couldn’t have been more wrong: writing that article was like pulling teeth.  And when it was done, the result was less than stellar. The sentences were awkward and the rhythm choppy.  … Continue reading

What To Do About Bully Breeds of Dogs?

One of the dilemmas of owning a dog daycare business is whether or not to accept dogs commonly categorized as bully breeds. These are breeds who are prone to dominant, sometimes aggressive behavior because of the jobs they’ve been bred to fill. The best known are the Pit Bull (American Pit Bull Terrier,) the American … Continue reading

The Fractious Voices of Syria

Bashar and Asma al-Assad appear on fashionable people pages the world over: enjoying an art exhibit inParis, or frequenting one of New York’s trendiest clubs.  They’re slim, attractive and stylish, the envy of international wannabes the world over.   Bashar al-Assad’s ascent to power after his father’s death was hailed as a new, more liberal … Continue reading

As Jews and Christians Celebrate

For Jews it’s the morning of the first day of Passover, and it’s Holy Saturday for Christians. Tomorrow Christians will celebrate the Resurrection of their Savior, and Jews will keep Passover by not eating levened foods, and remembering the passage from freedom to slavery. There are learned people who claim that neither celebration is what … Continue reading

Here Come The Ticks

It’s April and the weather is slowly warming.  In fact, it never stayed very cold for an extended period of time this winter, so you dog owners know what that means.  Here come this ticks, and this year there’ll be an army of them. Tick season: that time of year when  bloated little arthropod vampires … Continue reading

Haircut for an Old Girl

Like everything else, getting a haircut changes as you get older. Now in my mid sixties, I have only wistful memories of the time when going to the beauty salon meant a stylish, sexy transformation. Once upon a time I lived on Beacon Hill in Boston where I patronized the trendy shops on Charles Street, … Continue reading

When Good Employees Go Bad – Part 2

After repeated 4am awakenings, I find I need to write about something that has me frustrated and frazzled. Recently an employee in my small business has taken a turn for the worst. She’s always had performance issues but until now the strengths outweighed the weaknesses. Then a few months ago, she began to be increasingly … Continue reading

When Good Employees Go Bad – Part 1

A day when I don’t feel like writing. I want to act not think, largely because I’m anxious about an employee I want to fire but to whom I owe an opportunity to fix what isn’t working. She’s opinionated, negative, defensive and passive aggressive. And For several years the positive aspects of her performance outweighed … Continue reading