Posted in May 2012

In Memory of A Funny Little Monkey

R.I.P. Sweet Livia In Memory of A Funny Little Monkey Last night my friend Lilly lost her beloved Lhasa Apso, Livia. Two years ago, Livie was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and in the end it took her, but not without a fight, and not before some good times. Livie lived out her days with … Continue reading

Europe in Transition, Postpone Panic

The MSCI Asia Pacific index lost 1.5 per cent with Japan’s Nikkei 225 Stock Average off 2.2 per cent, Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 index down 1.7 per cent and South Korea’s Kospi Composite index 2.1 per cent lower.

Stock markets the world over are rocked by the “uncertainty” in Europe.  Asia is a good example:

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Writing to Learn

There’s no better way to stay informed than writing about the news.  Recently I joined a writers’ website called Skyword. They have a News and Current Events group that’s associated with Gather News.  You have to apply by submitting a sample on a topic of their choice.  If they like what you’ve written, you’re in. … Continue reading

Euro Talks Tense Up Over Austerity Pact

With the election of Francois Hollande to the French presidency, French-German tensions over European Union economic policy are escalating. In the course of his campaign, Hollande repeatedly promised to mitigate the austerity programs championed by outgoing president Nicholas Sarkozy and his partner, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, over the last two years. But Merkel insists that … Continue reading

Can War Torn Syria Avoid Total Chaos?

Yesterday UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan said that war torn Syria is running out of options, and risks descending into “full civil war.”  “We cannot allow that to happen,” he added  (,May 9,2012.) Annan’s statement begs the question of what anyone can do to prevent chaos that could destabilize the entire region. The Assad regime … Continue reading

The Many Faces of Rejection

Recently I spent a few hours researching and writing copy for a software vendor who does point of sale systems for retail businesses.  He wanted a piece about using an iPad to process sales.  A retail business owner myself, I’ve had lots of experience swiping credit cards, getting the slips signed, and ringing up sales … Continue reading