Posted in June 2012

How To Write No Matter What

For many professional writers, it starts with a cup of coffee.  Perhaps that’s because, schedule permitting, writers like to take advantage of morning energy to produce.  They get up, go through a routine that includes making coffee, and sit down to write. The problem arises when the coffee doesn’t jump start whatever thinking process you … Continue reading

New Project

Check out this excerpt from a novel I’m working on: It’s odd, I can see forever, yet my world is small.  Every day I sit here, circumscribed by my blanket, my table, my coffee, my laptop.  How is it that no table is big enough?  I move things around so what I need is easily … Continue reading

Enjoy Your Summertime Dog

It’s summer and time for lots of outdoor family fun with your dog. Beach cookouts, little league games, leisurely yard work, or just lying in the hammock… there are lots of activities where your dog can joyfully join you. Dogs can tolerate reasonable amounts of heat, but when it gets above 80 degrees there are … Continue reading