Volume 2 of The Veranda is on the Way

Image  Already hard at work on volume 2 of “The Veranda!”  Want to know more?  Check it out:

Gisele is and was an exceedingly handsome woman with impeccable taste in clothes.  She wears expensively tailored outfits, and her nails are always well manicured.  Her jewelry is carefully chosen, often designer knock-offs, and always elegant.  She has long, shapely fingers that cry out for beautiful rings, and she doesn’t deny herself.  Gisele is a fervent shopper and sometimes has trouble with credit card balances.  Suffice it to say that she made my heart skip a beat from the very beginning, and she had her eye on me as well.

I remember socializing with other seminar attendees during the first few days in Charlottesville, and having trouble focusing on what people were saying.  Whether I could see her or not, my attention was wholly on Gisele.  To my chagrin, I found out that she had a lover in LA but I was no less mesmerized.  I sought moments alone with her and we began taking walks and going to the library together.

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