Posted in September 2012

Kristen Maroney is Forty, Fulsome, and Feisty

Kristen Maroney lives the good life in the small Caribbean town of Placencia, on the coast of a tiny Central American country. She has her own beach wear boutique, she dates a hot casino manager, she lunches with friends, and she watches TV with her Labrador retriever, Buster. Comfortably divorced and childless, she lives for … Continue reading

Writing Takes You Away

It’s been a difficult couple of months, as I lost a very dear friend to an awful disease – pulmonary fibrosis.  You progressively lose your ability to take a breath and then you die of the complications of insufficient oxygen to your heart and other organs.  It’s ugly, and I wanted to sit with my … Continue reading

Mark Nichols on Collateral Adjectives

8 Suffixes for Collateral Adjectives by Mark Nichols The English language is remarkably adaptable, but one idiosyncrasy of this flexibility in particular creates complications for writers and speakers: collateral adjectives, those not based on and therefore not resembling their associated nouns. English has several forms, including the related suffixes -like and -ly, to signal an … Continue reading

Working on a New Novel!

Wondering what I’m working on?  It’s a new who-dunnit that features the characters in “The Veranda”.  Here’s an excerpt: My name is Kristen Maroney, and I own a beachwear shop in Placencia, a Caribbean town in northern Costa del Oro. I’m thirty-seven years old, happily divorced and living alone in a rented house in the … Continue reading

The Veranda: Reader Comment

Just finished your novel,enjoyed it immensely.I eloped into the first page and on the last page closed the book feeling slightly intoxication with pleasure. Thank you!!!! Sally Ann Silver (on Facebook)

Writing Doubles Living

Writing, I think, is not apart from living. Writing is a kind of double living. The writer experiences everything twice. Once in reality and once in that mirror which waits always before or behind. CATHERINE DRINKER BOWEN