Writing Takes You Away

It’s been a difficult couple of months, as I lost a very dear friend to an awful disease – pulmonary fibrosis.  You progressively lose your ability to take a breath and then you die of the complications of insufficient oxygen to your heart and other organs.  It’s ugly, and I wanted to sit with my friend as much as possible since her family was less than attentive.  In the end she was in a hospice residence and I sat with her while she slept.

Claire and Jordan out near the reef

To my surprise, writing has been and continues to be the saving grace.  One would wonder whether grief would make it difficult to write, but that hasn’t happened.  Instead I can’t wait to sit down with my laptop and work out a plot.  As long as I’m doing research or actually drafting the narrative, the rest of the world simply disappears.  It’s a wonderful, healing sensation.  You know you always have to come back to the real world and deal with what you’ve lost, but there’s relief in building another world that’s all yours.

Currently I’m doing the research for the second in the Kristen Maroney mystery series.  This one will center around Kristen’s friends Claire and Jordan who own a dive shop in Costa del Oro, and are ardent environmentalists.  The trouble starts when they discover a ruthless band of poachers who will stop at nothing to strip the ocean of its most endangered resources.

I hope my writer friends experience the same sense of being swept away by the process as I do.  It’s a gift for which I’m very thankful.

2 thoughts on “Writing Takes You Away

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. On the other hand, I know exactly what you mean. I’m constantly thinking of this other world that I’ve created and want to go there and help my characters out. Good luck on your novel. It sounds intriguing. I would love to read it.

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