Posted in October 2012

When Life Trumps Writing

Previously I posted something about how writing takes you away.  Currently I’m also discovering that you can get taken away from your writing.  I guess it all depends on the circumstances.  Which leads me to some thoughts about what to do when life events push writing to the back burner. Recently I lost a friend … Continue reading

A Review of “Tropical Temptation”

Self Publishing Review has the following to say about the first in my Kristen Maroney Mystery Series: Tropical Temptation: A Kristen Maroney Mystery, by Susan LaDue, is a short mystery involving a cast of characters residing in Placencia, a small Caribbean town in Central America. Kristen Maroney owns a beach and resort wear boutique. She’s … Continue reading

“Tropical Greed” Coming Soon

I’m finishing up the second in the Kristen Maroney Mystery Series and I thought you might like a peek: Around eleven, Gram finally decided she was ready for bed, so Conrad and I tucked her in and headed down to Manatee Beach for our midnight patrol.  The moon was full, and we’d hardly stepped onto … Continue reading

Why I Write

People sometimes ask me why I write.  As opposed to say, shopping, or vacuuming the rug, or taking walks.  For a long time I didn’t think I had an answer, but now I do.  I write because I like my stories more than I like real life.   That’s also why I don’t write gritty police … Continue reading