LA SPLASH Features “Tropical Scam” in Its Book Buying Guide 2013



Featuring “Accidental Detective” Kristen Maroney

Description: Author Susan LaDue is back with Tropical Scam, the newest book in her compelling Kristen Maroney Mystery series, featuring Kristen, “the accidental sleuth” who is too nosy for her own good! This time, LaDue goes deep into the danger zone of the Caribbean’s unregulated real estate industry and the regrettable greed it evokes. If you work in the tourist industry in the Caribbean, summer is a time of too much heat and too little money. Boutique owner Kristen is busy trying to sell off last season’s inventory when her friend Claire tells her that a mutual friend, Flor, is a victim of a shady real estate deal. Thinking only to help Flor, Kristen unearths widespread real estate fraud. Unhappy at the exposure, the fraudsters come after Kristen in a big way, and she is forced to bring them to justice or suffer irreparable harm. “Tropical Scam, along with the other mystery books in the series, stand out because they’re “quickies” and can be read in a single sitting,” adds LaDue. “Along with the added bonus that reading a Kristen Maroney mystery is like taking a short vacation to the Caribbean!”

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